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Classification Update

The Conant Acres herd was classified on January 23rd with very exciting results. The older brood cows in the herd performed quite well as six animals were raised to EX-94, four were raised to EX-93 and three new cows received Excellent scores. Additionally, five cows reached 2E status and one cow was elevated to 3E.

Belcrawf Allen Cecilia 2E-93 (96 MS) arrived at Conant Acres over 10 years ago, yet her legacy continues today. She had five daughters in the herd, by Durham and Goldwyn, and they were all classified EX-95 or higher in the udder! The three daughters that remain in the herd are each classified EX-94. Her Braxton granddaughter received the maximum score of EX-92 as a three-year-old and her other granddaughters are classified VG-89 (Windbrook), VG-88 (Gameday) and VG-87 (Large, Prior) in their first lactation. The first great-granddaughter in the herd is a Topside that has been classified VG-89 as a two-year-old.

Maternal sisters from the Lustre family also did well, as Conant-Acres Aftrshk Lustre was raised to EX-94 (96 MS) and her sister, Conant-Acres Sid Lolipop classified EX-91 (92 MS) in her second lactation. Their dam is Ehrhardt Goldwyn Lucy-ET 2E-91, and the next dam is Idee Lustre 3E-95, Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair and Reserve All-World in 2002.

Several promising young cows in the herd achieved tremendous results with three VG-89 two-year olds (McCutchen, Windbrook, Topside), five classified VG-88 (2 McCutchen, Atwood, Windbrook, Goldwyn) and seven others that were scored Very Good.

Arethusa Outside Leslie EX-92, best known as the dam of 2012 Unanimous All-American and All-Canadian Milking Yearling R-E-W Happy Go Lucky EX-90, is having a tremendous impact on the herd. Her young Atwood daughter was classified VG-88, while a promising Gold Chip scored VG-87. Three exciting granddaughters by McCutchen were classified VG-89 @ 2-03, VG-88 @ 2-03 and VG-88 @ 2-01.

Our doors are always open and we love to have visitors. Please call (207) 597-2810 or email with interest in embryos, private treaty animals or consignments.

Cows for Sale

Conant Acres is currently overstocked and we have milking animals available for sale. Both first-lactation and some really nice older cows are available, at various stages of lactation. Herd is milking extremely well, with 87# average on this DHIA test. With our current numbers, we will be able to put together a really solid group of 10+ milkers. 

Please call or email for additional information.